Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm being busy.

Beavering. On a new WIP. Hurrah!

Sometimes it takes a wee shock injection to get me moving faster and this year's RNA Conference has acted as a spur to 'get on, get going, do it!'

Luckily I'm at the stage where it's flowing faster than my fingers can get it down...which is good. No doubt I'll hit the big progress-cruncher windscreen of word blockage soon enough. For now, its good. It's doable.


Suzanne said...

Go, Judy.

Of course you can do it.

And it's going to be brilliant.


Joanne Cleary said...

Well done you!

I wish I were going quickly but I am editing slooooowly!

Fee said...

Best of luck with your WIP I hope you manage to achieve your goal.

Best wishes