Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dithering And The Big Bad Wolf

I'm dithering.

Firstly this week I've had no time to write. Where does a week go? Hoovering and chasing the toddler mostly (a toddler who has a fondness for playing with a bright yellow feather duster that has now moulted everywhere---hence hoovering).

Secondly I'm dithering. Can't decide on a storyline to follow. Had written one chapter and wasn't feeling the love. So mentally toyed with another story. Now I'm drifting again. Am I the worst ditherer in the world? I seem to take an age to knuckle down...a bit like getting back to homework after the school holidays.

Dithering isn't good use of time. Today I am set to go help the Primary One Class pick litter in the woods. DD1 insists I go incase the Big Bad Wolf is lurking under a pile of litter. So I'm being a good mother and prospective wolf mugger.


Suzanne said...

Ah, dithering - am terrible ditherer so can't offer advice with that.

Your wee one's liking for the yellow feather duster made me smile - we have one (also yellow) that's so loved it still goes on the Christmas tree every year (despite the fact that she'd now 12).

Enjoy your wolf mugging - at least it's a nice day for it.


Joanne Cleary said...

Hope the weather stays fine for your little one's walk. I often sit here and wonder how it's possible another week has gone by and I've accomplished so very little :-)