Friday, May 01, 2009

Smelling The Roses

Today I decided I should smell the roses more. So...I went out and splurged on a new PINK yankee candle burner and matching fresh cut roses candle to go in it. It smells divine. Maybe tomorrow I'll go and buy some real ones too.

You see, in the last few days I woke up to the fact that obsessing about the current WIP and worrying about crows and negative wotnot gets in the way of life. And I'm lucky...I've just finished a book I've worked as hard as I can to make as good as I can.

Life should be good, it is good. I have beautiful daughters, a lovely hubby, treasurable pals. I even met a new writer pal this week who is gorgeous and I feel lucky to have met her *you know who you are*. Anyway where's the good in worrying myself into a high old angsty state incase this WIP isn't good enough? I've tried, I'm sending it out there. I'm on this journey and I'm unhindered by the obstacles so far along the way.

Huzzah! Anyway...

I've taken a big leap and learned loads this time. And I've had requests and editor feedback in the past. These things all make me lucky. It could still be an R but...that's just the chance you take. So smile, enjoy and look foward. That's what I intend to do. No more angst.

Smelling the roses is good for the soul. jx


Nell Dixon said...

All you can do is write your story the best way you can. Can you get better? of course, everyone can, if you didn't believe that each story you wrote was better than the last one thenI don't think you would be much good as a writer. But at the time you write the book you write it the best way you can do at that time and then work on the next story taking the lessons from the old one with you and strive harder. You can do it - you're a writer.

Judy Jarvie said...

You are right, Nell. And for that reason it's not worth angsting. You can only do what you can. I am determined not to get bogged down in overthinking it this time. jx

Suzanne said...

You can't beat the smell of roses. Hope you got yourself a big bunch - you deserve it.

Am a big believer in concentrating on the positives of life - and you have a great list to concentrate on.


Marcy said...

Enjoy all the lovely scents in your life!

FWIW I think you've got a great shot with your ms.


Judy Jarvie said...

Aw hugs thanks Marcy.
Roses...a smell that always reminds me of weddings.