Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Art Of Postman Pouncing

Yep. I'm at pouncing on the postman stage.

Really I shouldn't be because three months haven't officially elapsed until the end of June. And it's only a partial...what hope is there for me if I get a request for the full.
See the mad staring eyes (see right). That's me. On a good morning.

Plus my postman wears his ipod headphones when he's on his rounds. It's really not fair of me to pounce. Evil smile. Tho it is kinda fun.

When oh when will this torture end?

On the upside tomorrow is toddler girl's 2nd birthday. Balloons, cake, pressies, more balloons. Plus a Rainbows p.j.s party for DD2 at night.

So the postman may just get off scot free tomorrow...or maybe not! Mwaaahahahahahaha!
Maybe all that cake will just send me scarier yet???


Joanne Cleary said...

Best of luck with the waiting :-)

Also happy birthday to toddler girl. It's my littlest's birthday 2 weeks today and she will be 2 too. Ok, now I've confused myself. I think!!

Lorraine said...

I remember that long drawn out torture, I'm really not looking forward to subbing again!

Have fun today :-)

Jessica said...

Happy birthday, Esme! x

Nell Dixon said...

Two already - no! Happy Birthday to the little 'big' girl, and hate to tell you Judy but you might get an email instead of a postal response lol

Suzanne said...

I think I've hounded the same postman. Between us, we should have him running for the hills.

Hope your wee one's having a fab birthday and hope your big wee one has a great time at her pjs party.