Saturday, June 06, 2009

Smellies From Heaven

I recently copied Jackie and did some NTIA (not thinking about it) purchasing...smellies from my fave Scottish smelly joint by mail order.

Okay, so I've not been thinking about it. But I still haven't had any time to write. The man is still grunting. No time to write him out of his grunting state. Which makes me a grumpy writer. Also hubbie is demanding writing favours for him (application form). Don't ask. It looks awfully boring. Lots of techno speak (ick). Plus bigger daughter was off school yday after being very sick everywhere plus I had to fit in a visit to the get the picture?

No writing being done around here. And still no sign of my lovely NTIA purchases. I was drumming my fingers for something to go right...

Then seconds later from ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT IT 5pm the doorbell went dingdong. IT WAS MY SMELLY BOX. And now I'm appeased at not writing...or thinking about it...or getting two minutes together to myself...


P.S. Thanks to lovely writer pals who helped me lately. Zen like calm restored (not).


Suzanne said...

Can't beat lovely smellies for NTAI.

Not much writing going on here either - daughter's been dancing in Perth Theatre the last three nights (plus yesterday afternoon). As a doting Mamma, I was there for every performance and am now exhausted (but know the show so well that I'm hoping for a small part myself next time).

Hope your daughter gets well soon. Being sick is horrible.

Lorraine said...

I love smellies too. I have been eeking out my Christmas gift from the husband and saving them for when i need a pick me up.