Saturday, July 04, 2009

Blog Specialities

It is interesting and noteworthy *to me* to see that the following keywords have been used to find this blog:

Eighties anthems (yey)
Alan Rickman (yey again)
Gerard Butler (yey yey)
Porridge for bath (hmmn stranger than fiction)
But my favourite to date…


In summary. I’m doing my job well.

P.S. Had a long, turmoil inducing dream last night-in which MnB sent me a seven page scathing critique rejection on my PARTIAL. Yes it's driving me to dreams.


Lacey Devlin said...

Oh my gosh! Wow and I thought I'd been having some bad dreams lately! That definitely takes the cake :)

Jackie Ashenden said...

One question: Donal Macintyre??

Argh what a vile dream! Still, seven pages of feedback ain't bad. ;-)