Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ClipMania No 2

Another mad clip. But there is a point there somewhere...

I'm including this one for 3 reasons:
  • I love Music Box Dancer. Even with a techno beat (sorry for the cheesy clip included for the wonderful light show). But it's still a great piece of music.
  • This particular clip reminds me of how I start out with a new book. Excited in capitals. A beat pulsing through my veins. Hoping I'm making the opening chapters as sparkly as possible and wanting to jump through light hoops to show my attributes to best advantage. Sometimes (usually about chapter six) the lights start to dim and flicker...the beats turn to ballads...I wind down. Sometimes I come to a complete stop. But I push through (this is the lesson learned of the dirty despicable draft). So this clip is in honour of First Chapter Euphoria and the Sparkly New Idea.
  • On a serious note however the clip does also have some significance. It looks easy, fun, effortless. Fast. But behind all that sparkly colour and speed is the long hard task of set up-getting from one side of the christmas tree field to the other. Buying the kit and installing. Synching the lights. Waiting for the snow (yes, timing, a major part of any writing success story-remember this!) So this tiny wee 'make you smile' clip hides all the darn hard work and rolling sleeves up behind the scenes. And it shows just how important finishing that first dodgy draft is. It gives you a framework to work on and improve. Just like writing. Preparation and timing and FINISHING the thing to the end, dirty draft or not!
  • Good clip eh? You Tube addiction is a serious issue.


PS. I realise I've been a tardy blogger on the RNA conference because of holiday overlap. However if you're after good stuff from the conference I can strongly advise Sue and Gray's blog (top couple btw!) Go read their coverage. Brilliant stuff, couldn't do it better than that so I'm not going to try!

P.P.S Back with a 'hero thoughts' clip and 'marketing musings' soon...


Lacey Devlin said...

My name's lacy and I'm a youtubeolic ;) It took me a while to get addicted but there's no going back now!

Unfortunately the clip has disappeared on me *sigh* that means my computer's miffed at me again ;) I will have to watch it later :)

Lacey Devlin said...

wow you know you're having an off day when you can't spell your own name right ;) OOPS! I blame youtube...