Thursday, July 30, 2009

ClipMania No 3

Right now I'm wrestling. With an alpha hero who won't behave. And it's not good. It's slowing all progress on the writing front.

I'd been jogging along fine until I had my editor chat where it was suggested the hero had been too nasty to the heroine. GASP. (Actually she had a point I just had the rose tinted glasses on). Anyway she suggested a hero inspiration to steer me and offered tweak ideas.

Well I've been stalling, labouring and basically not getting very far. All because the new inspirational hero's name doesn't make me jiggle to write. When I do write him it's wrong. In short the hero suggested doesn't really work for me. Lovely as he is---just not my cup of darjeeling.

So. Any advice for getting a hero into shape? Because this one needs a hard shake and a half. I'm reverting back to Monty Halls with crucial bits of Gerry Butler...that usually works a treat. For me at least.


P.S. I love this track. Very alpha male appropriate.


Jackie Ashenden said...

If the hero inspiration doesn't work for you then, yep, definitely the story won't work either.
Now, if she thought the hero was too nasty, it was either because he didn't have strong enough motivation or his motives for being nasty weren't clear enough. Can you keep the hero being a bit of a pig but cut back on the nastiness? Or can you strengthen his motivations so at least he has reason (or a reason we can understand) to be nasty?

I had that feedback given to me in that my hero was being a bit cruel to my heroine. So I just clarified his reasons for doing what he did so that although the reader may not agree with what he did, they at least can understand why.

Does that help? Or not!

Lacey Devlin said...

I'm with Jackie. But I know what you mean about that name. If the name's not write it'll jerk me to a stop everytime! Keep us posted :)

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks for the support Jackie and Lacey. FWIW Jax I think you are right. Obviously the motivation wasn't strong enough-completely. I think the point the ed was making was that they were clashing over something of no import. So she'd have preferred him to be nice, fun and inspirational rather than 'testy'. Does that make any sense? She wanted me to redo the opening and change heroine's job but keep everything else.

So I guess that's why my mojo fell flat. But it's coming back again...slowly.

So far I am teasing it apart and just making him fun and groovy---subverting her views as the ed asked for! But it's been tricky!

The hero inspiration was Ben Fogle btw. You can see him on the web. He's just been featured in an adventurer going to the pole TV prog here. I think that's why he was mooted. I'm going to steal his 'adventurer' side. But use my fantasy fellas for everything else! Ben isn't my ideal hero sadly. But it's useful to know that he is that kinda guy to some people, including eds.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Judy, that's interesting re the fun and inspirational part. Yeah, sometimes you do catch the h&h arguing about something for absolutely no reason. I had one WIP where the heroine was just a pain in the butt, arguing with everything little thing... I had to change her character in the end (like you except my problem was the heroine!) but I managed to find my way into a new her. It's just a matter of changing your thining.

Hey, I'm somewhat pleased by the reference to Ben Fogle. I've got a climber for one of my heroes!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Argh, sorry for the typo. It's late here. Anyway, I MEANT to say 'changing your thinking'. :-)

Judy Jarvie said...

Yep Ben Fogle types are hot property Jackie, so keep the faith!