Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Conference Countdown

This Friday, I'm heading off (without any crimplene gusset in tow) to the RNA Conference in Penrith. Yey!

Did I mentioned I have (deep breaths here) a Mills and Boon editor chat lined up (even bigger breaths) on Friday afternoon (cue palpitations)? No, I jest. It's okay, I'm calm. I think. I even have a project I'm excited about to take along.

Before then and now there's ironing, organising (for our Yorkshire holiday right after the conference) and entertaining the kidlets because it's now School Hols in Scotland.

The lovely hubbie has also bought me a sparkly new cute car after my run in with a wild deer incident last week (which I didn't blog about and won't go into in order to protect animal lovers/those of a nervous disposition). Also because I'm still twitchy and sticking to 10mph as a result.

It's all go in the Judy household. See you after conference.

P.S. I have a strong suspicion a 'wild deer incident' may well end up in a book very soon.


Suzanne said...

Oh Judy, that must have been so scary. So glad you're all okay.

Will keep everything crossed for your editor chat although know you'll be utterly brilliant. Remember, you deserve this chance.


Marcy said...

Hugs on the deer accident. Can't imagine that. You must have been terrified!

I'm so excited for your editor chat. I know you'll knock her socks off. Have a great time at the conference. Soak up lots of knowledge, and...SHARE! LOL.

While you're off basking in the wisdom of writers, I'll be spending a week at home...writing! Yippee! I'm hoping no one gets sick this time ;)

Judy Jarvie said...

Just to reassure that everything was fine re the deer incident-other than jitters! Miracle nothing worse, just one of those flukey moments! Thanks for the hugs.

Suzanne-thanks for the editor hugs!
Marcy-yey, write, write like the wind! And enjoy (I too hope that the sickie gremlins stay far far away from you). You deserve you time!

Nell Dixon said...

I'm sure a glass of wine will help steady your nerves. Can't wait to see you on Friday!

Judy Jarvie said...

Ooooh Nell. I'm so excited to meet you! And Pip. And Lorraine. And Nina. I could go on and on. Gather, gather!

Lacey Devlin said...

Hugs on the deer accident I'm feeling traumatized for you but welcome to the new, cute sparkly car and hey congrats on the great husband too well done ;)

I can't wait to hear how your chat with the editor goes!!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Oooh Judy, commiserations on the deer incident. Sounds scary.

Good luck with the editor chat! Having done one here in NZ, I can say that they're not as bad as you think and that the editors (at least the one I spoke to) are just lovely.

Am very jealous of all of you at the conference. One day I might have to travel north and join you...

PS. Are you sure you shouldn't take the crimplene gusset? Just for luck? ;-)

Lorraine said...

Really looking forward to it too. At least once the slots are over on Friday we can relax and enjoy ourselves.

Do I need to bring a crimplene gusset??? Is there some weird initiation for newbies at the conference?

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Lacey (I love your name btw), Jackie and Lorraine (can't wait to see you).

No crimplene gusset is required so sorry to mislead. Unless you really want to take one of course. I'm starting to worry that I'm now going to get 'gusset' hits . Must stop now.

Phillipa said...

Judy - glad you're okay after the wildlife encounter.

Have a fantastic time at the conference and a very successful editor chat,

P x