Sunday, July 26, 2009

Turbo Injection Holiday

Okay speed sprint hols recap-
Back from hols in North Yorkshire. Lovely though we have not stopped!
Highpoints-kids loved it, sunny weather, cottage amazing, ponies and sheep a go go!
Lowpoints-painkillers to the max for three days then had tooth out at dental hospital. Ouch! Broke camera. Meh. Thinking I’m jinxed.
Reading-Fair Deception by Jan Jones. Buy it, you will be glad to did.
Writing-not much but determined to crack the Monty Halls tribute romance novel. Pssst-I even have a pic of him on my mobile phone. This is baaad! The partial has suffered a setback but now is the time to crack on and get the butt in the seat!
Jobs for later this week- Ironing. Toodling about in new car. More ironing. Tidying daughter’s room/jumble sale cupboard from the abyss! And maybe writing too.

Things to be positive about: an agent has three chapters for consideration. Three chapters of the partial subbed four months ago. It is a book that if not ready for the call-is definitely indicative of me. I think this is a good thing. I am learning what I love and do best and this has taken me some time to grapple with. So I’m determined to be positive: my writing has moved forwards. Big plus.

I am going to do this. Even if my teeth are in decline.
The End
P.S. Google ranks me No1 for searches on Crimplene Gusset. Chest puffs with pride. I am also featured on crimplene dot com. Is this a good thing? I feel it should be. Might dream up some more fake romance book titles featuring retro fashion statements...


Suzanne said...

Yay you for the holiday, the google ranking and the three chapters with an agent.

Hugs for the tooth.


Marcy said...

Glad to have you back, Jude. I'm just wrapping up my vacation...back to work tomorrow (yuck).Although my time off has been very productive both with fun times and writing. Good for you and your positive outlook. I'm also feeling very upbeat. We WILL do this. SOON!

Hugs on the tooth (ouch).


Jackie Ashenden said...

Yay, Judy! Glad to hear you had a great holiday. Not so good about the teeth. Which reminds me, I should be getting somewhere near the dentist myself....
Aaaaanyway, great to hear about the writing. Good luck with the agent.

I'm also thrilled to hear about your success with the crimplene gusset. These have been sadly neglected of late so good on you for bringing them back to public attention! ;-)

Lacey Devlin said...

Queen of the crimplene gusset huh? So sorry to hear about your teeth. In the future we won't need them I'm sure ;)