Thursday, August 13, 2009

20 Week Mark

Back around March time I sent off my keen little Romance Submission partial to Richmond.

It went complete with a fetching little comps slip I'd secreted away in a corner for such a happy day. Of course a tiny part of me hoped that like a Willie Wonka golden ticket the 'slip' might unlock immediate acreage of chocolate *sorry that should have read editor attention*.

Anyway. Not quite so. MnB HQ is as magical as Wonkaland itself. And anyway, rules mean you just have to wait in line like all the other chocolate *sorry romance writing* lovers out there anyway.

So, cutting to the chase, next week I should really chase up on my Romance partial sub.

Sigh...squirms...shoves hands in pockets...coughs. Do I have to?

Answer is yes, of course I do. I need to be my own agent. I need to check incase they've replied and it's gone postal AWOL.

SO why...does my heart go crazy just thinking about it? Probably because I figure even mentioning its existence will jinx it and make me go sliding up the Augustus Gloop Choco Drainage Pipe!!! Or being squeezed in the juicing room like Violet the giant blueberry. Can somebody hold my hand please?

Note to self---quit the Charlie DVD Repeat Watching. It's having a negative impact.


Jackie Ashenden said...

Do it Judy! You've got nothing to lose but your uncertainty. And if it's a no go, you've got another just waiting... *holds hand*

Nell Dixon said...

You are a professional, go check on that submission.

Suzanne Jones said...

Am available for hand holding duties.

Lacey Devlin said...

You can NEVER watch the chocolate factory too many times. Checking up on your submission will only remind them how fabulous you are there will be no drainage pipe!

Phillipa said...

Don't think you've anything to lose by asking Judy - and here's sending a massive cloud of good luck fairy dust your way. P x

Lorraine said...

Think you're inundated now (and running out of hands) but mine is available for shift duty too :-)

Good luck with getting lots of chocolate!

Michelle Styles said...