Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's daughter's birthday this weekend. She doesn't want a party. She wants a goldfish. The PINK tank is ready and prepped awaiting the new household member.

She's very excited even though she can't settle on a name---we've been through Fifi, Alvin, Gilbert and Dave (?) I'd dropped hints of hero names like Blane and Kyle and Zack to no avail.

We're off to the Deep Sea Centre today to immerse ourselves in more underwater mania.


Marcy said...

Sending happy birthday wishes across the ocean!

When the desire for fish struck our home, we opted for names from the movie Nemo, which DD1 was into at the time. We had Gill and Whale. Whale 'went back to the store to visit his mother' shortly after arriving, but Gill is still going strong after 4 years! Who'd have thunk?

Have a great weekend!

Lacey Devlin said...

Well now I want a pink fish tank! Who could resist? Have fun Judy!!

Jackie Ashenden said...

No, not going to mention pink fish tanks to my daughter - she will instantly want one, right along with a 'pink princess' goldfish that she will probably name Snow White. ;-)

Hope your daughter has a lovely birthday.

Lorraine said...

Don't waste a hero name on a fish or you'll never be able to use it again!

Suzanne Jones said...

Huge birthday hugs to your gorgeous girl.