Thursday, August 06, 2009

Strapless In Seattle

It's not often I get out of the house of an evening (unless it's to buy groceries while the supermarket is quieter and the kids are asleep). be going out to a very swanky VIP evening function on Saturday that requires me mingle in the posh box and wear a tiered silk strapless dress *classy*, silk bolero shrug *chic* and patent wedge high heels *funky* is a red letter day indeed!

The dressing up has not been without a few glitches however.

One the dress is stapless. Two my chest has rapidly diminished (read disappeared) since the birth of DD2. Enough said about that the better. So, I fast realised I needed a clever compensatory undergarment (read scaffolding).
One that would show off my spent a lot of wonga on it dress.

So today, dear readers, you find me the proud new owner of a liquid filled bra. Yes liquid filled. You read it right. And it doesn't even come with a puncture repair kit.

Do you think MnB heroines ever have to go to their Glam Cinderella Come To Life affairs sporting seriously technogically advanced underwear cum flotation devices? No, probably not. Maybe I could aim to write one...

Note: please don't let me spring a leak during the champagne reception! Hubbie's tux is on hire! Equally the event is suitably high profile that if I disgace myself and cause a rumpus I could end up in the national papers. Wish me luck!


Lorraine said...

LOL Judy :-)

Enjoy yourself. And stay away from cactii...

Lacey Devlin said...


Judy I am equally afflicted with the need to dress up for a wedding which is just weeks away and after an intense shopping night I have come up with nothing. Perhaps there will be a liquid filled bra in my future lol. Have fun! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Lucky you, Judy! Have a fabulous time. Let us know how the flotation device works - or maybe you should be wearing your crimplene gusset? ;-)

Marcy said...

Make sure to take a picture before you leave so we can live vicariously through your glam lifestyle.

Have a blast!

Suzanne Jones said...

I'm a bit behind and ruined the suspense by reading the later blog posts first - so I already know what happened. This must be what time travel's like.