Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Goldfish. Trauma, trauma, trauma!

No. He's still alive. Daughter's fish is swimming happily beside me but to be honest since we got him just under a month ago I've been expecting bad news every morning.
I've been having a lot of goldfish trauma.
To be more specific, since we got the fish he's been nowt but trouble. And incase you haven't already guessed I'm a worrier. Olympic Gold Medalist in the stress department to be exact.
So. Charlie Bucket came into our lives, along with a strange fungusy looking thing on his tail.
I read, I googled. I bought tinctures (at great expense) and dosed according to instructions.
The fungus cleared. Then reappeared on the other side of said swishy tail.
So...repeat as before...I read, I googled etc etc.
I also read loads of conflicting info about fishkeeping on the internet that left me completely bamboozled why I'd taken up this stark staring mad hobby in the first place. Like how much water change is too much? Why do test strips that cost enough to feed my children for a week not work when all the pet shops stock them? And why did I then have to pay a veritable mortgage for a fishy testing masterkit? And much worrying about a small fish that cost £3 is too much?
Answer. THIS MUCH!
This week a new problem creeps into the equation. And the aquarium.
Hubbie changed the filter and botched it (bless him, he tries...) and since then the water's been turning green. From a fetching chartreuse to a murky emerald and as of today far more akin to Witchy Brew soup than anything any sane fish would want to defacate in never mind swim in with a fungal tail!
Gasp for a big breath here...
Today I've changed the water yet again. Regardless of what all the internet stuff says, paying not a jot of heed to the man at the petshop either and I've purchased (ca ching-this fish has had more spent on it lately than Paris Hilton!) an algae scrubber!!!
Any more wallet and mental abuse and I think I may just lose my mind! And the fish may find itself sent packing.
Please let us now be embarking on a stable phase of my fish husbandry experience.
My nerves simply cannot take any more fish-related strain. And Charlie Bucket really needs to give his untrained new human caretaker a bit of a breather to regain her control.
Thank yoh for letting me vent!

Later note-the wee fishy is happily sleeping in a cleaner tank and I feel bad for moaning. I think the problem is I've actually grown way more attached to Charlie Bucket than I imagined. He may not be huggable but he is kinda cute... I think I have a hormonal imbalance or something...


Lacey Devlin said...

Bless charlie bucket and you too Judy! It's so comforting to know that I'm not the only quirky one out there who spends amazing amounts on money on their pets while her hair turns prematurely grey!

Joanne Cleary said...

I read this through and decided to advise a good glass or three of wine. Then I remembered what I'm like with my dogs. Don't feed them that, it makes their tummies bad. Don't pull their hair, it takes mooonths to grow back. No kids, you can't brush them with your hairbrush, they have a special one (that costs much more than our human hairbrush!). Having a long coated breed of dog sends me into a grey haired loon, but I love them.

love from a fellow animal lover x

Suzanne Jones said...

Charlie Bucket is lucky to have you to worry over him.


Marcy said...

Take it from a family that has had the same goldfish for over 4 as little as possible! That seems to have worked for us.