Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Fishy

The fish tank algae problem is getting better (hurray! Thank you lovely wise fish lady at pet shop). The fish now has a real plant and a new fancy filter that bubbles up a storm. A bit like giving your child his/her very own waterslide park for non stop use. Suddenly he's turned into Evil Knievel and is going high speed bubble riding crazy... If fish could smile, Charlie would be grinning like a loon.

For anyone else trying to solve the gremlins of green tank. The solution is a real plant, better filtration and regular mini water changes. Two days with a padded envelope (a spare from the submission stock, see the benefits of being a writer do come in tres handy!) blocking out the light didn't hurt either. I'm officially an aquarist ANORAK. Note to self: must get out more! I'll be walking around wearing a snorkel soon, watchout!


Suzanne Jones said...

Great fishy advice - will try with our scaled friends' murky tank.

PS have been attempting to e-mail for the last hour, but orange isn't letting me - will try again in the morning.


Nell Dixon said...

Lol, as a fellow afishonado welcome to the club.

Joanne Cleary said...

Yay for Charlie (and clever you, of course) :-)

liz fenwick said...

Judy - I'm so pleased the text voice software has worked for you too! Thanks for letting me know.

Pleased your fish are happier too.