Monday, October 19, 2009

Donwell Dilemma

Yes I've been watching Emma. And although I will watch to the end I'm having problems.
Jane Austen's Emma isn't a favourite. I've tried all the versions. I loved the book. But as a romance period drama it doesn't float my empire line frock skirt up. Probably because a lot of the time I think Emma needs a good slap.
Though Kate Beckinsale did a version without slap factor...

But anyway...Jonny Lee Miller has long been a favourite bottom drawer hunk of mine. What's not to love? And the love affair started with this film...Plunkett and MacLeane which I saw in the cinema and's got grit, highwaymen, graverobbery, Liv Tyler and two wonderful Bad Guys. Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle. They had me in the palms of their hands.
And there's the rub. As a good, worthy man, I struggle to keep my passion aflame for Jonny. Plus he just feels too young. And I'd far rather see him behind a pistol than making polite chit chat.
So as Mr'm struggling. He's cute. He's likeable. But I watch the developing romantic attachment in the same way I watched Ted and Ralph on the Fast Show. And that was meant to be funny. Emma isn't funny nor does it move me nor is it fun. No passion, zip and I end up not really caring.

So as much as I love Jonny. And as much as I love a good costume drama I'm in a Donwell Dilemma. It's just not working for me. But I dearly want Jonny in a leading man role that fits!


Suzanne Jones said...

I gave up on this adaptation half way through the first episode - just couldn't get into it. As a book I adore Emma, but like you I've never seen an adaptation I did like (I didn't warm to the Kate Beckinsale version either). I think, in the book, Ms Austen was able to convey Emma's inner thoughts and so we could see that she always meant well. In the adaptations it's very hard to do this, so she just comes across as a proper little madam.

I did, however, adore the lovely Alicai Silverstone and the utterly loveable Paul Rudd in their updated version Clueless.

Nell Dixon said...

I love the book and the actress in this version is good but he's all wrong for Mr Knightly, he's too young and lightweight - plus is it me or does he sound like Dermott O'Leary?