Sunday, November 08, 2009

Me and Stevie

Last night a major realisation hit me. With a THUNK.

I have a Stevie Nicks alter ego I've really never analysed until now. But it's really there, lurking...

Yes I am a big Fleetwood Mac fan. There's a copy of both Rumours and Tango In The Night in my car and actually I think the song Everywhere and its video are what spurred me to write romance in the first place. I just love that vid. Did I mention my secret thing for Highwaymen (and don't even get me onto my teen obsession with Baroness Orczy and crush on the Scarlet Pimpernel...but I digress).

So after X Factor I switched over to a music channel's Fleetwood Mac roundup. And suddenly it hit me.

I want to be 'Stevie Nicks'. Blonde (check always wanted that); wearer of romantic gypsy style clothes and long boots, frilly petticoats and perhaps even strange hats with feathers in (check perhaps because I've always been a jeans wearer there's a deep secret part of me that longs to dress up in a wispy butterfly dress and maybe even a velvet corset with BIG HAIR and just go for it...ggg). Anyway. Perhaps that's why I write romance...I have this inner 'ethereal' crazy woman whom I've never given full control to. Because she scares me...

And possibly would scare passers-by too.

So I keep my inner 'Stevie' repressed...Well, I mean. Who wants to go to Sainsbury's with mermaid hair and a velvet cloak especially with kids in tow?

Anybody else got any embarrassing alter egos? Or perhaps you have an unworn velvet cloak in the cupboard too...? Go on...fess up!


Nell Dixon said...

I think you'd be ok if you went to Tesco like that, not sure about Sainsburys lol. I think you should go for it.

Lacey Devlin said...

Ha ha Judy! I have one who'd love to wear the romanic gypsy dresses too (which would be scary for everyone involved). Hmmm it makes me wonder who else is in there :P

Caroline Storer said...

Hi Jude - I'm with you on this one! I like the idea of ecentricity as we get older. When I die I'm gonna be remebered like this:
"Have you heard that Caroline Storer's dead?"
"Don't know who you mean. Never heard of her."
"Yes you have. She's the old woman who rides the motorbike in full black leather's and has the purple helmet with "Born to Ride" on it."
"Oh her. Why didn't you say so!"

Or failing that: The local rag will run a picture of my tombstone where on it I'll have etched: "See I told you I was ill." (Curtesy of Spike Milligan that one!) Take care. Caroline x p.s Check out Carina Press all you would be authors. Could be opportunities aplenty.