Saturday, January 30, 2010


Lately I've been thinking I'm having a 'wobbly' start to the year on the writing front.

Hardly surprising really. For years 'Mills and Boon' publication was my dream, my goal, the thing I wiggled my toes about under the bed-clothes just before I fell asleep. Truly. I love Mills and Boon books from the heart. So when I got an R with no comps slip last year while I took it on the chin - hey I'm a veteran of writing now girlies - I think I then got delayed traumatic shock. Where had my dream gone? What would I do? Of course I did what any addict does, I transferred my addiction elsewhere pronto to avoid the emotional strain. And even when that rejection said good things I then got that confusion void.

So cutting to the chase. The mojo has needed serious counselling. A serious Stephen Covey meets Romance Diva motivational top up!

And it's with a great sense of renewed faith that I refer you to the wise words on Pat White's website. Rejections are 'road sign posts' to your goals. Don't take it personally. And tomorrow you may well nail it because it's about 'what's selling now'. Use this knowledge and continue. How true is that! How cool is that! I should add that Pat reveals in her website that she was a six time Golden Heart finalist. Wow.

In essence hang onto the good comments and keep at it. Take heed of the signs and let them guide you forward.

The truly lovely Nina Harrington also told me of the many books she'd written before her wonderful sale of Always The Bridesmaid (and what a wonderful book that was!) I suppose it's all about growing, learning, serving that important apprenticeship with your own creativity. Just doing it. Believing. Nina's route map changed but she kept one constant her focus. THE WRITING. She used the signs to go forward!

I have a lovely signed book from my biggest writing inspiration to date, Michelle Styles that just says 'believe!' How true!

So now I feel guilty for going 'foggy' and 'wimpy' again. 'Determination' must prevail.

I'm back to reading those signs and chanting the positives from those three motivational authors. Onwards I go with vigour.

January Results:
Not so much blogging. Not so much web surfing.
More writing done: one submission made with another in prepartion.
New project started (yey!)


Caroline Storer said...

Ahhh lovely blog Judy - I've gone all squishy inside. Yes we have to believe. My mantra is that to get published there has to be a *lot* of discarded work along the way. If you are taking it seriously then you have to think of it as a career change and that means studying your craft, doing the best you can and working jolly hard until you achieve it. Have a good day! Caroline x

Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, all you can control is your writing but the more you write, the more you submit, the more you learn then the greater your chances of selling!

Michelle Styles said...

Judy --
You might find Manuscript Makeover revision techniques that No Ficiton Writer Cann Afford to Ignore by Elizabeth Lyon useful. I justread it and it set off lots of light bulbs of where I was going wrong.

But you have to believe.
Have you thought about querying one of the other lines? For example Super? Victoria Curran did a lovely interview with the PHS last SUnday. They are looking at setting outside the US.

Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Caroline, Nell and Michelle.
You guys rock.
And thanks for the tips, Michelle.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Judy, good timing with this post. I've been feeling a bit down about stuff too. Thanks for the pep up! Will go and check out Pat's website.
Hugs to you! We shall prevail!

Natalie Anderson said...

I am so lookign forward to you selling Jude - is going to be the biggest party!!! and it SO will happen!

ANd I have that book Michelle mentions - is the only one i read over and over. Is good.

Sri Pammi said...

Hey Judy,

Very good post. Thanks for the pep talk. It's so easy to get bogged down by all the pitfalls and forget that the road to success is hard.

I think of it as my paying my dues and by that, I mean keep writing, learn craft and growing as a writer.
Personally, I've never achieved anything in life unless I worked really hard. And that's what I'm expecting here too. Only the other day, I was remembering how hard I had studied to get into engineering school, how I hadn't succeeded the first time and just worked harder second time around.

So thank you for "believe" which gets lost somewhere in the road.

And sorry for the long post. :-)