Saturday, January 02, 2010

Finger Flicking Good...

Or Why I Love My Birthday E-Reader...

Okay, I cheated. Hubbie gave me my e-reader early. And boy am I glad he did. I'm already addicted and have been reading up a storm. So here's the reasons I LOVE IT:

It's pink. Goes without saying.
It's compact and light and easy to use. Fits a dream in a handbag and holds up to 350books.
It holds charge for ages so no faffing about like there is with a mobile phone.
Easy to upload to. Really easy. Use included software plus Adobe Digital Editions and you're sorted.
Really easy to purchase books and have them appear in a matter of minutes ready for reading (now that is cool!) No waiting around for Amazon to bring me all those Susan Wiggs (yes Susan Wiggs is featuring largely in my reading!)
BEST OF ALL - it takes WORD DOCUMENTS. THIS IS FABULOUS FOR READING MSS FOR CPs and your own stuff! Just fabulous! So much better than printing off reams and reams of stuff.
You can make the font big or small whatever suits.
It feelts lovely in your hand and you can flick it with one finger (easier than a book in fact!)
No losing bookmarks (I have a habit of that!) Spend my life foraging in bed for bookmarks.
I honestly just love it. Wasn't sure I'd take to it so well.
But now we've bonded we're GOOD.

Things that surprised me in a not so good way:
I thought you could put MP3s on (mistake info on a website). You cannot use the Pocket Reader for MP3s. If you want that you need the Touch. It's okay I already
have an MP3 player so not fussed.
Mine came with a 'voucher' for ten downloads. This was a bit naughty; the downloads are actually freely available anyway. The ad made it sound like you could choose ten books (which technically you can but only the ten provided on a free site). Bearing in mind this did influence my choice it's a big naughty because I could've got it cheaper in John Lewis but I won't hold it against the pubber in question! I love it and it's spangly cover. And I sense we'll be long term friends now.


Lacey Devlin said...

Happy New Year Judy!

I think I love your birthday e-reader too! It's so great that word documents are compatible! Total genius :D

Caroline Storer said...

Sounds good Judy! Glad you are lovin' it! And thanks for doing my ms on it - you lovely CP you!

Take care. Caroline x p.s - we are up early this morning aren't we!

Judy Jarvie said...

Oh yey. My biggest kid rises before it's light. Thank heaven for Spongebob. Sigh jx

Suzanne Jones said...

Sounds like a brilliant pressie.


Anne McAllister said...

Glad to know your reactions to the e-reader, Judy. I haven't got one and have barely tried one. I want them to put the books I use for research on ebooks. I don't care about carrying around fiction, but those HEAVY boosk would be good. Easier to store, too. Anyway, great present! Enjoy!

Happy new year!

Judy Jarvie said...

Hi ladies. It is really good and I'm not usually a person who has to get gadgets (honest!)

I first got a few tries on one at the RNA conference. And gradually I started to think, one would be useful for MnB books particularly because they're avail in e format now. And especially for critting and reading word docs. So far I really am impressed and FOND.

Jackie Ashenden said...

Okay, now, I'm jealous. I have the iPHone but now I want the ereader! Can't get them in NZ which is a serious problem! Will have to do some research. What's yours?

Judy Jarvie said...

Oh Jax I didn't realise. Tho they'll probs get them soon, or one of us Brit Cyber buddies could source it for ya?

Mine's a sony pocket. The most basic one. I read there's new ones all the time so benefits of waiting are lower prices and better abilities! But I am liking the ability to wizz through a CPs whole 300 page book in days! Sure beats printing. I'm off to bed with my reader (just call me sad) jx

Judy Jarvie said...

Should have said if you go for the Sony Touch it is backlit so reading in the dark is an option!!
My own thinking was - who wants to read in the dark! But you never know. jx