Friday, January 22, 2010

I Love To Rewrite

You know that T-Rex song 'I Love To Boogie'...well I'm changing the words.
It's true. I love to re-write.
I used to dread and fear it. I used to hate slashing my darlings. Yep, scardey cat moi.
But lately I just love it. I love letting something settle then going back and thinking why the heckady-do did I not make that happen quicker? Why wasn't I braver? Why didn't I add a bit more spark right here?
It's great.
Maybe I'm getting strange in my old age. Or maybe I'm just finally starting to get it.
So you've guessed it, the nanny is going for another outing soon. With a few nip tucks and botox in important places that I wish she'd had before.


Jackie Ashenden said...

There is something verrrry cool about rewriting. You know how much I love it. :-)

Romy said...

Now if you could just bottle it and sell it you'd make a fortune! I'll take two bottles of Rewrite Juice to start.

Lacey Devlin said...

Lol Romy has a good idea right there... let me know when you work that out :)

Caroline Storer said...

I've not convinced myself 100% yet that I love to rewrite! But saying that it does get easier and more doable the more you have to do it! Caroline x p.s wanna do mine? lol.

Suzanne Jones said...

Yay for Crazy Nanny - and good for you. She has a brilliant story and deserves to be out there.