Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've had a couple of nearly disasters in the last few days.

I nearly ripped my tyre apart on a broken bottle I didn't see in a car park on the school run. End result, the tyre seems unscathed but I didn't take any chances and removed all the glass shards prior to reversing. No point in tempting fate further.

Upon getting back into the car I then realised I'd nearly had a worse disaster. A tile had fallen from the library roof bounced off a wall and rebounded into my windscreen. There was an imprint on the glass of the spot of impact. Again nearly a major breakage but amazingly (yes, I'm still pinching myself) the only harm done is loads of tile dust and fragments everywhere. I actually had to vacuum them off!

I'm still considering myself majorly lucky not to have been stuck in the car park with three kids and a broken windscreen. Sometimes nearly is a very good thing.

So I'm wondering if the rejected manuscipt getting passed on could be a good thing too?Otherwise I may never have considered a fresh route I've never taken before! Maybe I should be grateful in a strange way because Nanny is nearly ready for another outing. Here's hoping there's no mishaps.

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Lacey Devlin said...

Wow Judy I'd call it a miracle that your windscreen wasn't smashed! People will be lining up in the street to rub your forehead for luck :P