Monday, January 04, 2010

Polishing Fingernails On Jumper...

10,000 words in 3 days.
No I'm not kidding. Yes I am chuffed. Yes I am avoiding chocolate and other SINS.
And I am aiming for another 10k in another 3.
Doesn't matter if it's 'prestige pantage'. It's mine!
This baby is going out again soon!
Watch my smoke.


Lorraine said...


Nina Harrington said...

I can feel the heat from here!
And I am totally and officially jealous of that output.
Now, it you can see your way clear to sprinkling some of that fairy dust south?? - I would very grateful.
forging ahead.
Nina x

Nell Dixon said...

Yay! Go you!

Caroline Storer said...

Way to go Judy! Any chance of winiging what you're on down my way. Would *love* o write 10k in a week never mind 3 days! Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Wow you go Judy!

Suzanne Jones said...