Monday, March 22, 2010

A Major Attack Of The GRRRRs

Last week flew by. Changing fifty zillion squillion email and amending my contacts for everything under the sun...and the moon. More hours were taken up than I care to think about. Let's just say my ISP let me down, then it annoyed me, then it made things a ton load worse and cut me off (because of their error not mine!) Big sigh.

So now I have all my details changed. On everything from blogger to banking to how to pay my holiday balance!Isn't life a joy!

Is it just me or is changing ISP possibly one of the WORST EXPERIENCES on earth. Yes. I'm very grumpy. But I'm looking forward to a brand new shiny ISP that actually cares about its customers and doesn't make me spend four days on the phone to India when there's a fault on the line.

Rant over.

Oh and I went to see Elkie Brooks who was simply FABULOUS. A great many black moment ballads with attitude were enjoyed! How have you been anyway?


Phillipa said...

ISP change? (Runs screaming from the room...) I thought about it very very seriously last year but (cross every appendage) Virgin seem to have slightly improved the signal reliability lately ..and like you, I just can't face it.

the horror, the horror...

Glad you enjoyed Elkie.

P xxx

Suzanne Jones said...

I e-mailed your new address last night - hope it arrived (not that I had anything of great interest to say).


Lacey Devlin said...

With a touch of alcohol an ISP change is almost fun :)