Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sick Daddy Pig

Daddy Jarvie is sick (the kids call him Daddy Pig after the character in the Peppa Pig cartoon). So Daddy Pig went and caught the toddler's virus (not a urine infection as the doc predicted after all). Said virus caused us to spend Saturday seeing emergency doc at hospital with a crying in abject pain toddler. The virus is rather gruesome: blisters on tongue, shakes and headache. And the only food groups tolerable to those afflicted are icecream and ham. So maybe Daddy Pig is an apt nickname after all.

Thankfully toddler is better.

Daddy Pig meanwhile is groaning and moaning from the spare bedroom (and not at my jokes!)

So again a non writing week. BUT I have done some writerly planning. This, my friends, is progress. I'm not normally a planner in the writing department. But I've been finding LISTS a useful release of writing-roadblock angst. And I'm nearly ready to submit again soon.

Hopefully the Pig Guy upstairs (I mean that most lovingly) will recover soon. So that Mummy Pig can get her hands on her keyboard again!


ninaharrington said...

oh poor daddie - and poor mum. how horrible for toddler AND parents. it must be very distresing. I do hope that you are all feeling much better soon.
And I LOVE lists.
Lists are kewl. LOL
take care, Nina

Caroline Storer said...

Poor daddy pig - hope he gets well soon. Poor daddy pig relegated to the spare bedroom - but needs must sometimes. Caroline x

Jackie Ashenden said...

Nothing worse than a sick man! Hope he gets better soon. :-)

Lacey Devlin said...

That's a horrible sounding virus Judy! If you have blisters on your tounge you should be entitled to only ice cream right?

Joanne Coles said...

Poor daddy pig (snort snort), hope he's better now :-)