Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Nina Must Read

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to read a book I devoured from page one to the end. Don't you just love it when that happens? It's currently on Amazon for pre-order (the North American release) so I'd urge you to grab your copy. It's Nina Harrington's latest - Tipping The Waitress With Diamonds! And it's just my kind of book. Snappy, sexy with a world so irresistible you want to dive in and stay.

Yes I have turned into a Nina super-fan (don't call me stalker) but when her books are this good why would you keep quiet about it? It's the kind of romance you don't want to put down and features restaurant manager Sienna Rossi and super sexy hot kilted chef Brett Cameron (who could ask for anything more?) Especially when you have a front aisle seat on their falling in love journey.

Let's just say the heat of the kitchen has nothhing on these two. And Brett is a true sweetie at heart. All I'm saying is I wouldn't mind being forced to revamp a down at heel restaurant with this guy. In fact I'd pay good money and bolt all the doors behind me.

Lots of deep sigh moments, lots of fun, great sizzling sensual tension. And anyone who writes a hero who sometimes sports a kilt deserves a gold star in my opinion. Because the world needs all the sexy men in kilts it can get. Nina, here's to another great book! Thank you for allowing me a sneaky peek. You can read more on Nina's web here...

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Sorry couldn't resist ;) It sounds fab and I love the title!