Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can You Hear Me Sobbing?

I still have no home internet access. This is getting really, really bad.
Though I must admit. I've written about 20k last week. And plotted an entire book.
I know - that IS impressive.
Well a girl has to get her fix somehow!

Am thinking of getting a petition together - FREE JUDY'S BROADBAND!
Will y'all sign it? Do I really have to BEG?!


Caroline Hartin said...

No internet but great progress with the wip! Don't know about your but it's telling us something! Caroline x

Suzanne Jones said...

I'll sign.

Tell them to hurry up - we miss you.

But agree with Caroline, you're doing fab with the wip.


Jackie Ashenden said...

What's happening with your broadband?? Grr. How annoying for you! But wtg on the plotting and the word count. Every cloud has a silver lining eh? ;-)

Marcy said...

I'm sobbing for you. But yay on the writing progress. That's fab!

gunnergal said...

Outrageous and living in Scotland you're already deprived of enough civilisation and culture. Add my name to that petition xxx Can't wait to read the book soon though xxx