Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Joy Of Riff-Writing

Hi Guys
Apparently I am supposed to be getting broadband back as we know and love it next Tuesday. Let's just say I'm not counting my chooks. But we'll see!

In other news I'm currently doing a wonderful Writers' Univ course on Body Language! An online course with no online capability is tricky. But thanks to my dad's p.c. doable! And it's a terrific course. Body language, people watching, figuring stuff out that makes you go 'ah-ha!' frequently! And brings your characters' physical non verbal communication to life.

Which brings me to 'riff writing'. I only discovered this term whilst reading Elizabeth Lyons's wonderful Manuscript Makeover book. It's something that really connected. E.g. giving yourself freedom to sit and twiddle with your script, taking a lacklustre, static bit and trying to brainstorm it/up the ante/sling in fresh metaphors to transform it from a rusy nail into a gleaming pin that does more than just tick boxes. Hopefully it makes it pull the reader right in! Now that's powerful. And it seems to marry particularly well with body language...e.g. going back and seeing if you can put more on the page with body parts alone!

So. I've been riff-writing body language. It helps with the cyberless trauma. And it's wonderful fun.

The writer's equivalent of a good workout at the gym (not that I ever do THAT kinda stuff, too busy pretending to be busy). But you get the drift. I've been in the ZONE. And it feels mega! Suddenly one tiny little paragraph can lift a whole scene! Try it! Get those signals working, like adding final spice to a scene!


Now let's just see if I get my cyber world back as promised. jx


Lorraine said...

Being cyber-less is true trauma indeed Judy, I still have the shakes ;-)

Hope you get reconnected soon!

Susan Rix said...

Ooh, riff writing sounds like fun! Here's hoping you get your broadband back soon...

Jackie Ashenden said...

Writer Univ is good isn't it? I've just done a plotting via motivation course that was pretty excellent.

Good luck with the broadband woes!