Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Month Away...

Yep. My broadband was gone for a whole month. A month!
But it's back now (big squidgy cuddle of welcome!) At triple the speed (hallelujah and a big thank you to Plusnet).

How I ran, skipped and pounced on it when I knew it was back! I'm just sad that way I guess.

But there is an upside to lack of webby comms.
1 You can do a lot of writing
2 You can do a lot of editing
3 You can do a lot of thinking
4 You can do a lot of reading
5 You can even plot an entire book and firm up the old 'I will nail this' mojo!

So next time I'm finding it hard to settle and my wordage is slower than dial up internet. Guess what I'll be unplugging...

Of course I still didn't tackle the housework. No point in torturing myself too much.


Jackie Ashenden said...

Welcome back! Yay for broadband!

Lacey Devlin said...

It's a blessing and a curse isn't it! I'm sure I was more productive before it came along :D

Suzanne Jones said...

Hooray - you're back. You've been missed.


Caroline Hartin said...

Welcome back Judy! Caroline x