Friday, June 25, 2010

My Magical Books...

Sorry that I've been gone.
Various reasons including visitors, end of school mayhem and second revisions on a book. The revisions are almost done. It's a much, much better story for them (aaah the joys of a great editor).

And here's where I pick up a tag from Phillipa Ashley's blog. Thanks Pip.

Books that were magical/inspired me from childhood (prior to age 12):

The Magic Faraway Tree Moonface, Sylkie and Dick, Bess and Fanny. Many happy hours were spent reading about Pop Biscuits and the tree that changed the higher you climbed. I still have my original copy on my shelf!

Cinderella (the Ladybird book) – I loved this story. I particularly fell in deep love with the Ladybird book’s illustrations. Sometimes the old romances are just the best. Who’d a thunk I’d have kept this lifelong obsession.

The Scarlet Pimpernel and I Will Repay – I developed a Baroness Orczy obsession in late primary school. I collected as many of her antiquarian books as I could find. My dad and I used to go into Edinburgh to scour the old bookshops on The Royal Mile. I still have my trusty original Pimpernel book.

The Famous Five. Yes I loved them. Yes I wanted to be George and have a dog called Timmy. It never came true. But I walked in her shoes right through the series! Sigh.

The Giant Book of Disney Stories This had a large impact on my life. Largely because the above encyclopaedia sized book of all the Disney stories from Jungle Book to Snow White was given me by my Grandpa as a birthday gift. I never forgave my mother when I learned she’d given it to a charity shop. The wound still hurts. We don’t talk of 'the book betrayal'. Hehe kidding.

If anyone wants to share their tender years' inspirations please do and let me know you have also wandered down memory lane...


Caroline said...

Great books Judy! Brings back lovely childhood memories. Good luck on the revisions! Can't wait to see it published! Caroline x

Phillipa said...

Jusy - I Really love your list. I remember that Ladybird Cinderella book. I think I can even remember the dresses she wore - a pink silk one and one like glass?

And as for the Pimpernel. I adore those books now - I got a Tv tie in when the RE Grant series aired and managed to pick up about three from charity shops in but they seem to be pretty rare. You've made me think of looking on Amazon for more.

Well done on finishing the revisions and mega good luck.

Helenolderbutwiser said...

Try for out of print books. Eldorado is my other favourite Scarlet Pimpernel novel. Make sure you get the full version, I once bought an abridged one by mistake.