Friday, June 04, 2010

Primate Party!

Tonight we are going to a special night with the animals after winning tickets to a 'party night at the zoo'.

The mini-divas are very excited. Read HYPER.

They also solemnly declare they don't want to see any monkeys; they may be too naughty.

I feel exactly the same when supermarket shopping with children.

Can I risk a riot in the monkey house?

Hence I tend to be a late night or early morning shopper.


Marcy said...

Sounds cool! Have a blast.

Lacey Devlin said...

Lol! Have a great time!

Suzanne Jones said...

Hope you all enjoyed it.


Marcy said...

So how was it? Any flying monkey poop?

Judy Jarvie said...

The party night was great. We arrived just in time for the Penguin Parade and we saw some new born ones. It was like Happy Feet.

The night itself was very busy, aimed at kids with extra needs and loads of stuff they'd love from fire trucks to sit inside to face painting etc. We climbed right to the top of the zoo for the view of edinburgh (no mean feat).

Top marks to Edinburgh Zoo for a wonderful night! Really really well organised.

Only downside. DD1 locked herself in the toilet right at the end (things like this happen when she acts before she can think not to). And she ran in toilet and slammed door locking it tight. It ended fine and she was v brave and didn't cry. I just had heart palpitations trying to do acrobatics to get inside to get to her.

Then DD2 threw up all night. In my bed.

But I wouldn't have missed zoo night. It was fantastic! Kids are still talking about it. jx