Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Edinburgh Ahoy

Today the kids and Grandma and I all went to Edinburgh on the train (cue whoops of joy from kidlets). But. Though I hate to complain. It...was...so...HOT.

Gorgeous. But clammy in clothes. Sunny in the gardens (with ice-cream melting down our wrists).

We bought shoes. Not for me for the mini divas. And came home cream crackered and ready to flop. Anyone would have thought we'd been proper shopping. Which, other than the not-for-me shoes, there was not a sniff of. Unless you count Claire's Accessories (sigh, there was a sale on, fill a bag for £3. deep, deep joy. how many high school musical items can one girl have?)

Though I guess HSM is her version of buying romance paperbacks.

Going to Edinburgh without proper therapeutic shopping...am I suddenly going soft?! Not even a book! Now that's shocking.


Suzanne Jones said...

It has been hot, hasn't it. And muggy. Hope the Mini Divas are happy with their shoes and their HSM stuff. Give them hugs from me.


Nell Dixon said...

Trying to get a group of girls out of Claires accessories is like trying to herd cats.

Caroline said...

Shcoking indeed Ms Jarvie's - but lovely in the fact that the girl's got a treat. Perhaps a wee look on some internet shopping sites is in order? Caroline x