Monday, July 12, 2010

For Knitters

I realised something quite useful this weekend. No. It's true. Sometimes that does happen in the fuggy child zone, sleep deprived daft mess that is my brain.

Writing is like knitting.

And for rather a long time I've knitted my books blind. Heck, I'm an artist (do I really need a list of instructions!) Seat of pants, balls of wool and a rough plan for a cosy jumper. Cue nights of feverish needle action et voila!

Aherm. That's all well and good...when you're only doing a scarf. It's not when you factor in a cable pattern. Or stripes (even stripes need a bit of order even if it's random). Don't even go to Fair Isle pattern or I'll cry.

Basically anything beyond a simple scarf needs a plan. Feel your way cable stitch is only good for grannies who can whip up a prize-winning balaclava in twenty minutes.

Am I rambling here?

Anyway. To cut to the chase. I've realised when I knit properly (with a plan, with proper editing)I'm leagues better than when I grab the needles and CLICK like a maniac!

How come this has only occured to me now. DOH! The good news is that knitting can always be ripped out when you find the perfect pattern. And instead of stitches lost, it's experience applied to better effect.


Marcy said...

Great post. Go knit up a storm, Jude!

Lacey Devlin said...

... but what if you can't knit? ;)

Great post Judy!

Suzanne Jones said...

Brilliant post. I used to be able to knit (if a scarf counts).


Nina Harrington said...

This makes perfect sense to me. I am a knitter and a plotter.
You have hit the analogy spot on.
Clever clogs!:-)