Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marmite Or Magic?

Funny bones are personal things. So whether this is your own personal marmite or magic, let one thing remain - the world would be a very boring place without courting the daft vibe for a moment or two. Even if it involves crimplene.
A Enjoy
B Hide in the wardrobe.

P.S. Can we get him on the X Factor as a late entrant?

Actually scrub that - if I could pick one person I'd want to win the X Factor it's this guy...he always gives me goosebumps, he is my revisions cure it all (and I'm posting just to prove I do have good taste!) He's also on my Christmas gift wish list.

1 comment:

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Ha! That was fun! I know someone who has hair just like Bob Downe. And Her Maj' almost smiled too!

Keep clicking, Judy. And behave badly - it's good for you.

Lots of love,