Friday, November 05, 2010

My NaNo Strategy

I won't complain because I vowed to just keep on trucking with NaNo this week and although I have thought 'ugh' before I start each day it's turned out okay.

Sad confession time - I really, really wanted to hit 10k today.

Foolish, greedy - maybe? But I just figured if I'd gotten 2k down daily during weekdays then I could ease at weekends to give me some headspace before Monday. I'm a hundred under so I'm resisting complaining. I'm almost there but I am going to stop.

It's Bonfire Night plus a busy afternoon of being Mum Taxi. I'm going to quit at just under 10k today. But tomorrow I'm going to try for 3k. The Saturday 3k challenge. The aim of this being that I can then maybe take Sunday off and just chill.  A chill day is good for the soul.

Am I turning NaNo OCD bore? Should I just shut up now and stop the obsessing?

Or do you have a strategy too? Are you NaNo NUTSO yet too ? Discuss (!)


Lacey Devlin said...

Your NaNo sounds like it's doing great Judy! It is hard :) Good luck with that 3K!

Caroline said...

Go Judy! Go Judy! (Chanted like a cheerleader beleive it or not!) Caroline x