Monday, November 22, 2010

The NaNo Slump And Bouncing Back

The mentors for NaNo warned us - you might dry up, hit a wall. Great if it doesn't happen but if it does and every word is laboured that's okay, push through. At the time of reading these words I was gaily marching ahead. Whistling a chirpy song as I typed.

Then SLUMP hit. Oh boy, with a thump.

Last week I had missed days. Days where I didn't even want to go there such was my disgust. Times when what I was writing was so far into the pits it was down in the corner of the castle dungeon (the one where the tide washes in for extra punishment). Yep. Bad week. But yesterday I forced myself not to play hookie or think about it and just go for gusto writing (like I did on day one).

And slowly I'm getting back in the saddle of the daily try. Of course I know this story is not just a dog's dinner draft. It's a dire dirty dismal dirge and it will need lots of rewrite and much work. But that's NaNo. It's good to have a start. It's good to go back and refine and polish and rethink.

This is what happened with Nanny.

I rewrote. I started right back on page one and made it much better. It can be done.

So if you're on this NaNo journey and you've just hit a wall or pushed through with all you have. Or even if you've given up the ghost - well done. Writing is hard. But it's worth going ahead and doing it anyway! It's all about having the conviction to try and that is very BRAVE indeed.


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

You've done 40K! That's not just brave, it's incredible. Well done, Judy, you put me to shame!



Jane Holland said...

Absolutely, I agree. Don't be hard on yourself when you hit the wall. Some days with my Tudor book I had to crawl to the laptop with about as much enthusiasm for writing as a dead turtle.

But if you push through it, and really grit your teeth, even if you have to write rubbish for a few days, eventually the tingle comes back. Honest!


Caroline said...

Go Judy go! 40k is awesome. Caroline x