Sunday, November 07, 2010

Noodle Nano

Yey. I'm at 13k.

BUT. And it's a big but (notice capitals) I'm pretty sure it's about to go noodles up. Surely it must says Ms Pesky Pessimist inside me. I've stormed ahead and now it's all going to go dangly.

So at this point here's my top tips (prior to going noodly and losing it):
1 Just write it. Don't worry, be happy. Write whatever strikes.

2 If it's pants, don't panic, write it. Don't expect it to be good. Don't panic if its big yaboodire-as-a-dodo chow mein to go. It's good for the fingers and the pong of joie de vivre reeks large.

3 Sling in a corpse through the roof (this is my favourite). Surprising myself every day with a fresh twist. Ah well, a gal's gotta get kicks somehow when she's churning out 2k a day. Especially when it's pants filled with noodles.

4 Don't moan. Don't stress it. Just write a bit more. Take solace in the soaring word graph and ignore the conscience that's screaming that it's pants. Pants can be fixed and turned into hot pants (with enough natty snips and restitching). And obviously after ditching all the dried noodles.

Righto. Best go not think about it some more. Back to just doing it again tomorrow.

P.S. I must at this point clarify that a book wot I have written that is very close to my heart was rewritten in full several times. It can be done! Nano - we salute you!


Sally Clements said...

Well, I'm somewhat derailed by my littlist birthday, and the birthday party shoot em up today (the kids, not me shooting them up) Quasar!
And my couple are eating a lot, which is always a bad sign. Hoping to get back on track tomorrow. Think I need a crisis in the book, sooner than anticipated, but.....

Jackie Ashenden said...

A crisis. I think I need a crisis, too Sally. WTG, Judy! Sounds excellent. Could you pass us the corpse when you've finished?

Caroline said...

Go Judy! For a gadzillion different plots/twists/endings go to "Hatch's Plot Bank" (goggle it!) - that's if you don't already do of course! Caroline xx

Phillipa said...

13k sounds like a lot to me...