Sunday, November 28, 2010

Snow Is Falling ...

Snow is falling - all around me.

My garden looks like a Christmas cake and it just keeps falling. Today I finally hammered my NaNo into submission - so here's a track to celebrate (!) amid the blizzards.

Normally I'm the last person in the street to put up the tree, so posting a video is uncharacteristic Christmassy behaviour for November. But last weekend we did the whole Xmas lights parade thing so it feels okay to indulge. (I hasten to add that my tree does not appear until we are at least double figures into December and this will remain!)

So, to the video. Am I the only person who feels sorry for the woman on the sleigh dressed up as an elf? Is it having to sit next to Shaky that's making her quaky? Or his threat of mistletoe kisses? She really does look like she's saying bad things about him in her head. Personally I'd jump and make a getaway.

I adore this video. If only for Shaky's taste in Christmas jumpers and his finger-clicking dancing. Then there's the pudding-basin haircut children destroying their toys with hammers.

It doesn't get better than this. Or should that be worse?

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