Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Suddenly ...

Amazing what a week can do. My (at first uptight and nerdy) hero is now warming nicely. The heroine's a bit trickier but ... gimme time. I might even write more later just to torture him at a vital stage. He's about to make a big mistake and get into a lot of trouble.

Well, it's cold outside. Who needs to go out when you can annoy your characters instead?

Happily I'm also reading Trish Wylie's Charmed By The Billionaire Bad Boy. So I'm feeling very blessed with hotboy totty. Such trials!

You keeping out of trouble ... or causing some yourself? Or are you reading any heroes I need to know about?


Rachel said...

I've got a still-wrapped copy of GQ Magazine with Robert Downey Jr all over it.

Am wondering how long I can stand it before ripping the plastic off with my teeth and running my hands all over him. In the name of hero research, obviously.


Judy Jarvie said...

Gasps in jealousy tinged awe!

You mean, you've waited (pulls goofy face!) Get that cover offffff!

Marcy said...

Go, Jude, go!

And Rachel...I'm a little jealous too. Might have to take a trip to the store...