Thursday, November 11, 2010

Write Or Die

Yes I've resorted to Write Or Die to keep me at Nano.

The thing is I am loving this story and I know it's working out. I JUST WANT TO STOP for a bit and get my breath back. I yearn for a few leisurely daydreams about these characters instead of  frog-marching them onwards with their arms up their backs. Though I am giving them a hard time which is good.

The trouble is I get guilt pangs and I think but the faster I go now the quicker it's over! And I keep adding a bit more.

The Write Or Die concept works a treat. For those who don't know about it, you enter how many words you want to achieve or how long you want to write for and then you hit WRITE. The computer will give you a telling off if you stop. The aim is just to keep writing ... keep it going. You can choose modes depending on your mood. But I find the screen slowly changing from pink to scarlet is a good one for me. If you hold off too long it will GOBBLE UP the words already written word by word. And when I use Write Or Die it makes me type furiously (reminds me of WPM tests in secretarial agencies when trying to get summer jobs) to see if I can keep on without causing the computer to tell me off. Go try it, it's fun!

Anyway, it's a great way to whip my behind when I'm grouchy about writing. Especially when you use the tough mode that eats your words up if you loiter! Who wants pacman gobbling up hard-won sentences? Not I!


Jane Holland said...

Talk us through 'write or die'! What is it?


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

OMG, Judy!

Don't think my nerves could stand having a beastly thingamajig gobbling stuff up on me. I would combust.

You are very brave!


Lacey Devlin said...

LOL I love the Write or Die concept but if it started eating my words...