Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cabin Fever

Hello Gang.

Did I mention we had more dire snow on Monday?

Yes it's true. Thankfully I didn't go to my old Hendon Times works' reunion bash on Sunday or I'dve been stranded in Luton muttering to myself clasping a hot chocolate. Missed the old gang however. Can't beat a bunch of journos for a few drinks and a lot of gossip. They had a great time without me and I've had the full debrief from a lovely pal (who didn't even dance on the table - we must be getting old).

Hubbie's car was stuck in Edinburgh though he did get back. He's going to get winter tyres fittes asap (yes, he's been reading the huge manual to get to grips with his traction issues - boom boom!)

And now it's starting to thaw.

The sun is out though my windscreen wipers don't seem to want to come unstuck or be resuscitated. And maybe if this keeps up we might see the grass again by March.

Yes. The snow really is that high. So high our drive is a toboggan run.

The school reopened yesterday. I also nearly lost the littlest kidlet down an uncovered manhole.

Now I appreciate what Santa Claus has to deal with. The man deserves a pay rise. Or at least a sat nav and a can of deicer for Christmas.

Hope you're all keeping warm. jx

P.S. I now have a whole new appreciation for gravediggers after the mammoth dig out fest in our road.


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Oh you poor thing!
It's not fun any more is it?
Did you get some chocolate?

All back to normal here on Monday, which is just as well - I would be certifiable by now otherwise!

Stay strong!

Lots of love,


Nell Dixon said...

Big warm hugs.

absy said...

Interesting blog to read when felt lonely

Marcy said...

Hang in there, Jude. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you thaw out soon.

We finally got some snow here, though only about 10 cm. Some other cities in Ontario are dealing with over 1 metre of snow in a few days!

Suzanne Jones said...

I'm so fed up if I start whinging about the snow I'll never stop...

And, somehow, I've lost a whole week - I thought there was another week before the 14-year-old broke up for Christmas, but the holidays start at lunchtime this Thursday. Not what you need in the run up to the most frantic holidays of all.