Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Date For Your New Diary

  •  Out 28 January 2011 - 
  •  From The Wild Rose Press

I received great surprise news yesterday. Flirting With The Fireman will be available 28 January 2011! How cool is that! The fantastic people at The Wild Rose Press turned it around super fast before the Christmas hols - and I can't wait to finally see it up on the site.

So if you have an Xmas Kindle or Sony EReader from Santa - I promise it's a good, fun read for your cyber bookshelf!

I won't labour the details on my week's bad news - about me getting stuck in thick slush and ice and water and being unable to move the car.

Or about the trauma of having to ask a pal's husband to come and rally spin it out of there.

Or the look on his face when he saw it sitting in the middle of an an iceberg.

No we'll step away. Fast. And pretend it did not happen. Because it still makes me shudder and cringe.


Rachel Long said...

Oh you poor thing! Sending hugs!And brilliant news on your Fireman - Janaury is going to be hot!


Caroline said...

I sympathise Judy! Our car is stuck down the road, iced in like a giant lollipop! I've got cadge a lift to work tomorrow if I can! Bring on the thaw or it's chicken kiev from the freezer for Christmas dinner! Caroline x

Marcy said...

Can't wait to see that Fireman on the site! Woo hoo!

Lacey Devlin said...

Bad luck Judy! Well if the car is going to get stuck at least you did an incredibly good job of it ;) Congrats on your release date news!

Phillipa Ashley said...

Hope you all thaw out soon up there - and many congrats on the Fireman book!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Argh, you poor thing! Hope the book release news makes it all better!