Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fa La La La La

Hello all.

It's official. Nobody loves us. The Scots that is.

Next and M&S and a whole host of stores don't want our Scottish purchases online because they can't promise to deliver because we've been so frozen up. The snow has sent us to Coventry!

Though actually it beats me why folk would rush online to buy their Xmas pressies when the poor postie can't even get up the path (apply braincells people!)

Yes we've had a thaw (a thaw that still involves lots of ridgy and hard to navigate ice) but it has meant I escaped the house via bus (hurrah!) Now I'm just waiting with baited breath to see what develops re the next big cold snap! Hides in terror. Quakes in fear.

So youngest has a sparkly new snowsuit (cute) and she looks snugger than a very snug thing
Tomorrow it's her Xmas party - please Mr Snow be kind. She missed her Xmas Concert! And there's a rumour that a jolly fellow in red will be in attendance (please note Next - if HE can do it why can't you?)
Eldest can't wait to get her ordered snowboots (very pink, very large)
Eldest can't wait until her Friday afternoon Xmas party (something to do with the multi sequinned dress in the wardrobe - diva, diva, diva)
And I have finished all my shopping (well I do tend to start in January) and tonight is my chum's meet up Christmas Meal With The Mums. Hurrah! Crackers, hats and mirth.

On an extra point - thank heaven for the ereader because it means I don't have to get out to book binge. It really is a wizard invention and I boggle at its wonderfulness often (snowbound readership potential abounds!)

So I'll love you and leave you. And lets hope - not too cold again, not too much white stuff please! My nerves can't take more.


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

You're being so brave, Judy!

I'd be a gibbering wreck with a face like Jack Dee on a bad day if it was me.

But I am a soft Southerner I suppose ...


Marcy said...

Hang in there, Jude!

We have snow forecasted every day until Christmas. On the plus side, it'll definitely be a white Christmas!

Caroline said...

Hi Judy - hugs on the snow. Pssst don't want to be the bearer of bad news but I think the white stuff is on the march again. I've had to cancel a trip to see my bestest mate in London as we decided it was too dodgy to travel. Take care. Caroline xxx

Jackie Ashenden said...

Ah, snow... We have none here and none forecast. Only rain. And it's summer. Typical Auckland. :-)
But I'm with you in the ereader stakes. Loving reading stuff on my iPad!
Keep warm!

Suzanne Jones said...

I'm fed up of it, Judy. Can't believe Fife Council haven't even bothered to clear the roads in the city centre - not good to drive on 6 inches of ice.