Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spreading The Word...

If you're a writer, or an avid romance reader, and you haven't heard about Embrace Books yet it's time to get clued up.

Go to the new blog here...category romance ebooks coming your way soon and they're looking for great submissions now! What ya waiting for?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To The Future And Beyond...

It's been a while since I posted anything useful/cogent about my writing. There's a reason for this. I have stuff out there and I'm waiting.

I'm not complaining. Nor angsting.
Not even email or blog stalking. I did for a while and then I slapped myself around the head. So now I'm trying to be GOOD.

And since I'm going on our family holiday in a weeks' time I doubt very much that I'll have much to report for the next few weeks.

But there is one thing I wanted to get off my chest. It's good to have things out there again. Good to let it all go and look to the future. I have WIPS and a sparkly new idea. I have things to be getting on with and I'm just itching to write. Did I even mention my youngest starts nursery in a month so I'll have a few hours...let me say that again. HOURS. Just to write (who needs ironed laundry and clean surfaces anyhow!)

Anyway. I guess you could call this my writing spring clean phase. Whatever the result of these subs, and I'll post verdicts when they come, I'm moving on. Because I've been stuck looking back for a while. And now it's time to crack on with fresh va va voom!

Of course doing it will be another matter entirely but indulge me won't you! Let me dream...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Edinburgh Ahoy

Today the kids and Grandma and I all went to Edinburgh on the train (cue whoops of joy from kidlets). But. Though I hate to complain.

Gorgeous. But clammy in clothes. Sunny in the gardens (with ice-cream melting down our wrists).

We bought shoes. Not for me for the mini divas. And came home cream crackered and ready to flop. Anyone would have thought we'd been proper shopping. Which, other than the not-for-me shoes, there was not a sniff of. Unless you count Claire's Accessories (sigh, there was a sale on, fill a bag for £3. deep, deep joy. how many high school musical items can one girl have?)

Though I guess HSM is her version of buying romance paperbacks.

Going to Edinburgh without proper therapeutic I suddenly going soft?! Not even a book! Now that's shocking.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sucked Right In

Funny how some authors just suck you in, isn't it?

That happened to me yesterday. I went shopping (with the scallywags in tow) and as a private indulgence picked up Kelly Hunter's latest MnB Modern Heat in the trolley cart.'s less calorific than rollos (click and read my good buddy Suzanne's rollo health warning HERE).

"I'll just read a few pages..."

Ha, ha. Now I'm six chapters in and vowing to finish today. With that big goofy smile you get when you're clutching a keeper.

Kudos. If you haven't relished all of the Bennett kids' books now is the time. Go buy Red Hot Renegade. Karate...muscles...Singapore...YUM. jx

Monday, July 12, 2010

For Knitters

I realised something quite useful this weekend. No. It's true. Sometimes that does happen in the fuggy child zone, sleep deprived daft mess that is my brain.

Writing is like knitting.

And for rather a long time I've knitted my books blind. Heck, I'm an artist (do I really need a list of instructions!) Seat of pants, balls of wool and a rough plan for a cosy jumper. Cue nights of feverish needle action et voila!

Aherm. That's all well and good...when you're only doing a scarf. It's not when you factor in a cable pattern. Or stripes (even stripes need a bit of order even if it's random). Don't even go to Fair Isle pattern or I'll cry.

Basically anything beyond a simple scarf needs a plan. Feel your way cable stitch is only good for grannies who can whip up a prize-winning balaclava in twenty minutes.

Am I rambling here?

Anyway. To cut to the chase. I've realised when I knit properly (with a plan, with proper editing)I'm leagues better than when I grab the needles and CLICK like a maniac!

How come this has only occured to me now. DOH! The good news is that knitting can always be ripped out when you find the perfect pattern. And instead of stitches lost, it's experience applied to better effect.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Cranking Up The N.A.C. Party let's have a Not At Conference party.
Just a small one. To pass the time and help us ease the monotony.

Bring some nibbles and a glass of what you fancy. Then drag up a chair...or join the conga. Here's 80s Diva Kim Wilde (with one of my fave party/character arc songs). You Came. Tis goooood. And I do love a woman with a thing for capri pants and boleros.

Now go shake your maracas.

BTW whadya think of my sequin strapless jumpsuit? All hand sewn too. Now all I need is a Gerard-Butler-A-Likey to groove with. Let's hope he's not wearing crimplene.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

When Feeling Blue...

There's only one answer.

Transvision Vamp. Played loud.

P.S. Sigh. Not going to conference this year and the crows are circling. Big time. Tide is high but I'm holding on. Hope you are too!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Pitch Wish

My lovely CP Marcy won a pitch place from the American Romance editor pitch on eharlequin - yeyey Marcy! Please congratulate her and wish her loadsa luck for the pitch tomorrow here! jx Her story is fabbo! And her hero is yum. Go Marcy!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Kidzzzz Off

Here in Scotland the school children are off for six weeks now. We don't go away on holiday until the end of the month. So today we've been painting ceramics at the local paint and play place. And mum got to sip latte while big girl created a purple pig and a sunrise plaque.

Much fun had by all. Now what to do tomorrow...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

How To Cure Email Stalker Issues

Okay. So since I pressed send I've turned email stalker. One minute I was sane, happy go lucky Jude. The next I'm clicking 'check for new email' like a woman possessed. Medusa emerging when I see a new mail flash that turns out to be a circular about Cat Food (we once had kitties, I've forgotten to unsubscribe).

Anyhoo. Have finally decided it must stop. So here's how to avoid it.

Force feed yourself three chocolate biscuits with every click (sooner or later the conscience will kick in). Or your belly will be touching the keys quicker than your fingers.

Make yourself reread the chapter you were at in the book you are reading if you check your email again. This one gets me ratty because I love to read consider it paperback penance for having no patience.

Both of the above at the same time. E.g. reread earlier chapters whilst eating lots of biscuits. Eventually you will be sick of the book. And be sick on the living room rug. No more stalking, problem solved.

P.S. I should add that I have no patience. I was the woman who had IVF treatment and had done double figures pregnancy kits before the 'official time to test date' came. Nuff said. Must CHILL. And when will someone invent submission predictor test kits please?

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Rob Lowe Point

I'm avoiding the post-send demons and looking at lush pics of Rob Lowe as a diversion.
How does this man manage to keep so good looking? He was great looking when I was in my teens, now he's divine. Enjoy the view.