Friday, January 28, 2011

A Review And A Blog Conga

Today Flirting With The Fireman is available from The Wild Rose Press. Yes it’s launch day. If you’re eager then The Wild Rose Press is the place to head.

You can find the link for the Kindle store here too.

If you need more convincing then you can find a great review here. Huge thanks to The Romance Reviews for lovely words and a four star rating:

"Combine a hot man in uniform and a not-so-mousy librarian and sparks will fly!
This story is a cute little romance that will delight any reader. The sarcasm and cat and mouse games played by Felicity and Rod have the reader laughing in delight!

Not only was this story completely captivating, but totally unique in my experience. A lot of information was covered and the book had the feel of a complete novel although it was only about 100 pages. Take the opportunity to check out this new author - an excellent effort for a first book!" Carole, The Romance Reviews

Thanks also to Night Owl Romance - "Felicity's journal entries to her Dear Diary Fairy Godmother were priceless. I am looking forward to seeing more work from this author in the future." Night Owl Romance

So what better way to celebrate – than with a brief conga around the blogs of some talented and marvellous writers who’ve kindly agreed to let me blow my party trumpet? Time to pick up a party hooter, don a glittery hat and let your inhibitions slide.

I’ve lined up a host of thought-provoking/bizarre/sassy and plain daft posts to get the word out – Flirting With The Fireman is available. Nanny Behaving Badly will also be out soon so I'll be talking about my feisty nanny story too.

So come see what you think! Don’t leave me sitting in a corner like Baby. Johnny would be cross and Dirty Dancing is no fun on your ownsome. Look out for the giveaway during the tour!

Judy’s Blog Conga details:

Blogging With A Hot Fireman and A Feisty Nanny

Rachel Lyndhurst - Tuesday 1 February

Sarah Grimm - Thursday 3 February

Marcy Bassett-Kennedy - Monday 7 February

Suzanne Jones - Thursday 10 February

Amber Leigh Williams, The Cozy Page - Sunday 13 February

Sarah Grimm – Monday 14 February

Marcy Bassett-Kennedy – Friday 18 February

The Minxes of Romance – Wednesday 23 February

Suzanne Jones – Monday 28th February

Rachel Brimble - Thursday 3 March

And if you'd like to join in the fun - leave me a comment. All welcome! I'd love to send you my snog cover for your blog!!

Hope you’ll keep me company.
Now let’s go party!!! Crank up Kool and The Gang please.



Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Wayhey! Where's the M C Hammer? I've brought crisps.This is going to be GOOD!


Judy Jarvie said...

Thanks Rachel. Mmmmn crisps ... I've got cheddar and shallot flavour at the ready!

And twiglets. Care to nibble?


Rachel said...

Yep, pass the Twiglets over - wholegrain dontcha know ... *bursting with health*. Now someone said something about a Stolly Bolly earlier this week ...

Sally Clements said...

Woohoo! party on garth! um, I mean, well done Judy! woo-hoo! and those reviews are great.

Romy said...

Congratulations on your release, and very well done on such great reviews.

Caroline said...

Great review Judy - go you! Caroline x

Judy Jarvie said...
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Judy Jarvie said...

Oops my spelling was dire in above post - thanks Sally, Romy and Caroline for dropping by! I'm passing the dips and nibbles.

I haven't seen a single fireman all day (now that would have made my Friday!) jx

Jane Holland said...

Judy, great reviews!!

Don't forget to blog up your conga dates on the Embrace Books blog sometime in the next week. You should have access to post there. If not, let me know.


Judy Jarvie said...

Thank you, Jane.

I'm immersed in proof-a-rama but yes, will definitely post soon. Thanks for the reminder!