Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sarah Grimm - A Hot Hunk And A Giveaway!

LASR Nominated Author Sarah Grimm is back today revealing more of her inspirations and secrets.

She's also generously offered to give away a free copy of her LASR Nominated Book Not Without Risk. So here's your chance to snaffle your very own copy! Leave a comment here and you'll be put in the hat - one very lucky reader to be announced later in the week!

Anyway. Back to business - this time Sarah's brought a rather handsome fellow with her ... excuse me I need to introduce myself.

Over to you Sarah:
6. Fave hero inspirations - go on ... who really makes your eyes pop!? Any particular hero inspirations for particular books? What are your ultimate hero qualities?

Right now I’ve got a thing for Joe Manganiello – 6 foot 5 inches of werewolf muscle on HBO’s True Blood.  Here he is:

Honestly, I don’t usually have inspiration for the hero’s in my books. However, I think I’m going to have to base one off Joe. What do you think? LOL

My ultimate hero is: Strong, Sexy (not to be confused with being beautiful or handsome, as a hero doesn’t have to be either to be sexy. Although the heroine thinks he is), Flawed (who wants perfection? How boring. J) and completely devoted to the heroine.

7. Advice for budding writers?

Everyone will have a bit of advice for you. Listen to it, decide how much of it you think works for you and ignore the rest. Seriously. I listened to everything. I changed the way I wrote, I changed my stories to try to fit a certain mold…it was frustrating, exhausting and got me no where. It darn near destroyed my voice. Luckily, I’m learning to ignore all that bad advice and getting my voice back.

Oh, and don’t let anything stand in the way of your dream. Especially your own fear!

8. What are you working on next - ambitions for a couple of years from now?

My next project is a reunion romance I’ve titled MIDNIGHT HEAT. It’s a spin-off of AFTER MIDNIGHT, my contemporary romance with rock singer hero Noah Clark. MIDNIGHT HEAT features Noah’s best friend and bassist, Dominic Price.

9. Your writing community - where and who have helped you on your way?

My biggest supporters are my husband, my mother and my sister. Whenever I’m struggling, I’ll give one of them a call. Sometimes I’ll call them because I’m excited about the way the story’s coming along. It’s during those calls I get the ‘That’s nice, Sarah, so why are you calling me instead of writing?’ That’s my sister and my mother; they’re always reminding me that I should be writing instead of cleaning the house or surfing the internet.

My husband supports me in different way altogether. I guess I’d have to say that the biggest way he supports me is to keep everyone out of my hair when I’m writing and by not complaining when he gets fed drive thru four nights in a row when I’m on deadline or working on edits.

10. Revisions - love em or hate em. What nugget of advice would you give about tackling revisions?

Love ‘em! I love digging into the story and making it stronger.

As authors we become attached to every word in our stories, but they’re not all necessary or even good words. So my advice is: don’t be afraid of the delete button. I just deleted about four paragraphs from my opening scene in After Midnight, during this last round of edits. I did it because of something my editor had said BEFORE she contracted the book, not even something she said during edits. Taking out that hint of the heroine’s past tightened up the opening scene and made it stronger.

So don’t be afraid to delete a few of your words, no matter how attached you are to them. If it’s too painful, you can always paste them into a new document and save them. 

A HUGE THANK YOU to Sarah!. Thanks for coming by and putting up with all the questions. Good luck with that nomination - we're rooting for you!


Sarah Grimm said...

Ah, Joe...what a way to begin the day. Sooo yummy!

Good morning all! Bring on the comment and questions. I'm ready. :grins:

Best Book of 2010 nominee, LASR

P.L. Parker said...

Great post, Sarah. I agree, stay true to yourself. Love the pic - WOW!

Judy said...

Boy, I needed some eye candy this morning. Thanks!!!

Your book Not Without Risk really looks very good. I also love the cover. The colors really caught by attention.

Good luck with the nomination.

Sarah Grimm said...

Thanks Judy! I love the cover, too. So much that I requested the same cover artist to do my cover for my next book. (it's also got a fab cover, if I do say so myself)

Best Book of 2010 nominee, LASR

Sarah Grimm said...

P.L. -

It is a great pic, isn't it?

Best Book of 2010 nominee, LASR

Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Now that Joe has serious potential ...

Great post, Sarah!


Sarah Grimm said...

Thanks for stopping by, Rachel.

Best Book of 2010 nominee, LASR

Catherine Bybee said...

*Licking my lips over that eye-candy* Nice! As much as I wanna say I hate revisions... I don't. The story just gets better with them.

Sarah Grimm said...


I agree. There are times I tear my hair out while working on them, but it's always worth it in the end.


Velda Brotherton said...

Goodness, you made my day that was steadily going downhill. Not Without Risk sounds like my kind of book and I'm going to order it. After I see if I might win it. Keep writing in your own voice. It sounds terrific.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Velda! Hope your day improves.


Attract Women said...

Great blog you have here, hope you won’t mind if I re tweet your blog posts to my twitter’s account.

Why Women Like Big Men said...

I'd definitely take the advice of getting a strong, sexy, flawed hero not only for my write ups but my life in general...wink wink!