Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Love ...

With Tangled.

We went to see it this weekend (after frequent promises to the kidlets) and in a near empty cinema! Oh I love the joys of a near empty cinema, worth the wait!

But I digress. The film left me reeling and smitten and wanting to see it a squillion times again. Here's why -
  • Cracking breakneck breathless pace that is just awesome.
  • Characters that are so good you just want to lick the screen (providing it's germ free). But seriously - THAT good.
  • Twists on the classic traditional fairytale that just make it so so so much more and better, better, fab.
  • Wondrous animation to marvel at! And great songs too.

So - at the risk of becoming a Tangled bore - I will simply say, if you haven't yet, go see it. And yes I will be buying the DVD. If only to enjoy hero Flynn's witty dialogue yet again! Even more excitingly the Tangled book is due to arrive from the school book fair later this week (squeak!)

P.S. If you need further proof - the kids loved it even more than me! Desperate to go straight back again. Now that's a hearty recommendation.


Lacey Devlin said...

LOL I'm a big fan of a nearly empty cinema too. It's all about the waiting :). I loved Tangled too!

Kingseat Cakes said...

I would love to have watched that film, however my 2 boys said no as their were girls in it. I will have to wait till it comes out on DVD and watch it at a girl friendly house :)