Saturday, April 02, 2011

Someone, Handcuff My Heroine!

Well I'm cracking on with my cowboy. His name is Gabe and I like him RATHER a lot.

His heroine is Jess and she's just rather - busy. And ballsy. And getting herself tied in knots while the hero is just watching thinking - is this woman mad? Why doesn't she chill, slow down, delegate, smell the coffee?

Anyway, I'm now feeling very bad for Gabe. Because the unforeseen has reared its scary gnashers.

As usually happens when I start writing on and on (most especially I find if I plan a syno) the characters have gone AWOL and the heroine's just done something I didn't see coming at all. And it's shocked me sideways.

How VERY dare she indeed?

Bad woman. I'm going off her. But that's characters for ya!

So is it just me - or do the things you plan for rarely happen in your books? Does the unexpected usually occur when you're all synopsis-ed up? Or is it just me who gets in a pickle with the surprises as soon as I commit to a summary blurb?

NOTE TO SELF: Judy Jarvie must never sub an unfinished book! The gremlins in her brain will roast it on the bonfire of the unexpected and batter it with bizarre plot twists! Remember this! Step sloooooowly away and put the syno gun on the ground. On with the handcuffs.


Ranae Rose said...

Call me a pantser, but I never write a synopsis before-hand. At most, I sketch a bulleted outline in my notebook. I usually start out with a basic storyline idea for the book in my head (and maybe a few whole scenes) and let it flesh itself out with details as I write. I don't even like writing a synopsis afterward!

Judy Jarvie said...

Ah Ranae ... I'm giving a huge sigh! I just can't do advance synos! They get me in knots.

So I'll go off hopefully into the mist and let them create havoc again. Phew!

Thanks for coming by. Jx

Anna said...

Ooooh, this sounds intriguing.

Suzanna Gilwen said...

Sounds like things are going well.


Suzanne Jones said...

Whey hey - can't wait to read this, Judy.