Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Hitchcock Seagull

It's the school Summer holidays here in Scotland and Monday started wonderfully - scorching, glorious day.

Yesterday and today not so much. It's very rainy and the tent in the garden is soggy (should've brought it in!) To crown my day yesterday a seagull divebombed me! True. I didn't even see it but it spied me, launched and managed to hit me in the face with its wing. I was shocked and rather miffed. Fortunately I had my hood up (see above re rain) or it would've been scarier.

And to add insult ... it divebombed again with a rather special present that just missed messing my jeans. Have the seagulls gone nutso? Does too much fast food turn a seagull terminator? Or is it sign I should just stay inside and avoid low flying seabirds?


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

School hols already, hun?! Blimey, we have a couple more weeks to go here.

Poo to the rotten seagull!

Marcy said...

LOL! Silly seagull. At least the present missed you. But if it hadn't, isn't that good luck (or is that just what they tell the poor pooped-on saps to make them feel better)?

How have you been?

Madeline Ash said...

Oh, that's crazy, Judy! I had a mudlark divebomb me last year and leave a scratch across my eyebrow. Just to remind me how close it got to gouging out my eye! Glad it didn't mess your jeans :)