Friday, July 22, 2011

Preps For Hols And Preps For Writing

Well, the schools have been out for three weeks now and it's passed quickly and we've had fun. The uniform is bought and the name labels delivered (don't talk about the sewing on part yet please!)

Next week 'the man of the hoose' is off work and then we go on holidays the week after next. Yeyey!

And the good part of this? Besides days out; frequent bistro lunches en famille, 'together time' and the fact that our holiday hotel has a lovely spa?

Good part equals the odd bit of free time. To compost the idea that's brewing and jot down some notes.

Yes people, it's story starter for ten time. And I'm raring to get moving!


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Sounds fab! All of it!! Have a great chillville time, hun.


Caroline said...

Go Judy - hope you have a great holiday - Caroline x