Saturday, July 16, 2011

Treat Without A Visa Receipt

Okay, there's a credit crunch on and we have to be creative with our rewards so ... I've picked my treat to myself for 'just gettin' the darned book done'.

And here it is ... I picked out yummy pics for the characters. I don't let myself do this too early or I procrastinate and spend too much time online. Anyway, I think as couples go they're pretty yum. In fact I think they're perfect. Presenting Anna Faris and James McAvoy. Cool huh? Do they look like they're ready for a combustible romance adventure?

Today is a writing day (polish, polish and polish some more). It's pouring with rain. The kids have a minder. Now let's get to it and avoid all further internet distractions! If in doubt, just push through! jx

1 comment:

Sally Clements said...

hope you've had a good writing day, Judy. They certainly look a good combo - dying to read it!
Congrats on getting it all finished.